If you’re looking for a nice and cozy place to learn about Asian culture,
history, languages and lifestyle, then Congratulations! You’ve found it!

This blog is a personal and interactive blog
that talks about the beauty of the Asian region
as seen through the eyes and felt by the heart of Asians.
And I want you take part in our journey of learning more about this wonderful region.




You know how Asia is a BIG place, right? It’s like one messy mesh of hundreds of cultures – most of them you probably don’t know. And if you’re like most people it will be difficult for you to see its true beauty when all you know about it is that Japan is in it (and it’s like the land of Pokemon and anime).

So my goal for you in this blog is to introduce you to more Asian countries and make you see Asians for what they are within their own spheres. I will tell you stories about their art, literature, philosophy, history and lifestyle in a personal, interactive and reflective manner. And definitely, I will make you fall in love with them and encourage you to visit!

Here you will also find all sorts of interesting stuff like:

Common Asian customs you probably don’t know
Fun facts and trivia
Interview with Asians
Travel ideas (and my personal travel experiences)
Tips on how to talk to Asians
Language learning guides
Asian cuisine and cooking techniques
Dating advice
Survival guides
Asian ghost stories




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