The Last Flight of the Philippine Eagle

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To those of you who don’t know yet, there are only 300 Philippine Eagles left in existence. Despite their critically low number, heartless people still hunt and shoot them for fun. As soon as a full grown eagle is released to the wild by animal conservationist groups, they get shot within a month, putting all efforts to raise them to waste. This means that after so many years, they continue to fall under the category of critically endangered species and are now technically the world’s rarest Eagle.

Sadly, with this number, it gets hard for the rest of them to find a partner and produce eaglets. A Philippine eagle can only lay one egg in every 4 years because mother eagles cannot leave their young alone, and with all the shooting, it is feared that they will be extinct in the next few years.

What makes the situation worse is that a years ago the Philippine government removed funding to the group that takes care of these Eagles, and they are now only surviving with the help of volunteers and donations.

So if you have money to spare and you are interested in saving the lives of these poor eagles, please donate here:

P100/USD 2 – Can secure 1 seedling in support of the Arakan Forest Corridor Development Project (AFCDP)
P500/USD 10 – Can support a Philippine Eagle in the Center (food, veterinary care, and maintenance) for a day
P1000/USD 20 – Can provide 10 educational kits for 10 kids during Information Education Campaigns (IEC)
P2500/USD 55 – Can provide for the fuel of our PEF team so they can respond to Philippine Eagle rescues
P5000/USD 100 – Can mobilize a team of forest guards to patrol Philippine Eagle territories

You can also adopt an Eagle (of course you wont see them but you will definitely secure the life of that one Eagle) and/or volunteer to help the team. 🙂 I really hope you could help. YOUR 2 DOLLARS WILL GO A LONG WAY!

If you can’t donate, at least kindly share this post so we can spread awareness. 🙂

With love and light,
Wilrose ❤


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